About Us


Faster, smarter, greener solutions - Clean Earth is the right choice, now more than ever.

Clean Earth has emerged as the market leader, a company engineered to meet 21st century challenges in ways competitors cannot. And that's why more and more professionals turn to us - because simply stated: Clean Earth equals problem solved. Fast. No matter where or how big the issue.

We manage and operate a network of full service facilities in the Mid-Atlantic states that, together handle millions of tons annually. (in fact, we have more capacity in more locations than anyone else in the region.) And thanks to our tireless commitment to service and our extensive treatment capabilities, every pound is treated in accordance with federal, state, and municipal regulations.

We are faster.

We recognize that Clean needs to happen fast. So when you deal with Clean Earth, you'll find a sense of urgency from all of our employees who are backed by the technology and processes to ensure customer needs are satisfied in a timely and efficient matter.

We are smarter.

With our array of permits, we are the go-to company for the toughest, trickiest problems

We are greener.

We've been treating the planet right for 25 years - long before it was fashionable. About 98% of materials we treat are recycled or beneficially reused.