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Clean Earth has grown significantly over the years, organically and through acquisition. This growth has extended our geographic reach, moved us into new markets, increased our gallery of regulatory permits and enhanced our customer base. Bringing these market leaders together with Clean Earth has strengthened our shared vision to create a better future for our people, partners, and planet.

Harsco Corporation announced the acquisition of the Environmental Solutions business (ESOL) from Stericycle, Inc., combining it with the Clean Earth business division. This marked a significant step forward transforming Harsco into a global, single-thesis environmental solutions platform. The combination of these businesses makes Clean Earth a national leader in hazardous waste management, with the increased scale, capabilities and geographic reach to serve a broader base of customers across diverse industries. Clean Earth launched Fullcircle™, an Advanced Waste Lifecycle Program strategically focused on waste at each source of generation and solutioning for recycling and beneficial reuse alternatives for the material. Fullcircle’s goals are to eliminate all waste, recycle as much as possible, and build scalable, innovative programs for customers focused on zero waste.
Harsco Corporation, based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, acquired Clean Earth, Inc., from Compass Group Diversified Holdings of Westport, Connecticut. Harsco provides industrial services and engineered products that serve large industries, including steel, railways and energy, in more than 35 countries, expanding Harsco’s portfolio with a diverse range of customized environmental services and solutions. Clean Earth scales Detroit contaminated water operation to become one of the first large-scale PFAS treatment plants in Michigan.
Clean Earth acquired privately owned MKC Enterprises, Inc., located in Doraville, Georgia. MKC utilizes advanced technologies to provide a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services. MKC is a fully permitted hazardous waste RCRA Part B facility well situated as an important regional hub for Clean Earth’s hazardous and non-hazardous waste management programs. Clean Earth acquired privately owned ESMI Companies located in Fort Edward, New York, and Loudon, New Hampshire. This expansion in the northeast provides Clean Earth the opportunity to geographically expand thermal desorption soil treatment and recycling and hazardous waste solutions to customers throughout the New York and New England markets. ESMI also provides onsite treatment solutions with a state-of-the-art mobile soil treatment unit which can be located anywhere in the United States. Clean Earth acquired Disposal and Recycling Technologies, Inc., (DART), with facilities located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Detroit, Michigan. DART specializes in wastewater treatment and recycling and utilizes advanced technologies to provide a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal services and product destruction and reclamation services.
Clean Earth acquired privately owned AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC). With five (5) locations across the United States in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and California, the addition of AERC expands Clean Earth’s acceptable waste streams into electronics, universal waste, new forms of hazardous waste, and mercury retort capabilities. Clean Earth launched a proprietary, web-based, project management tool, called Clean Earth Connect. Clean Earth Connect provides pertinent information to customers about their soil projects moving into Clean Earth soil facilities for treatment and recycling. Features include real-time scale data, historical scale reports, digital copies of weight tickets, manifests, and invoice packages, and a total tons recycler tracker. Clean Earth acquired privately owned AERC Recycling Solutions (AERC) headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Launched Clean Earth Connect, a web based customer portal that provides customers with a secure account to access project specific data.
Clean Earth acquired privately owned Phoenix Soil, LLC located in Plainville, Connecticut. This acquisition marked Clean Earth’s 15th fixed based location in the United States, and 9th soil recycling facility. This was the first treatment facility to obtain a Connecticut DEEP Beneficial Use Determination Permit allowing treated soil to be classified as clean fill throughout Connecticut. Clean Earth acquired privately owned EWS Alabama, Inc., located in Glencoe, Alabama. This acquisition marked Clean Earth’s 16th fixed-based facility in the United States, and 4th RCRA Part B hazardous waste facility. The addition of EWS expands Clean Earth’s waste streams to include various medical wastes, university waste, and the ability to recycle new forms of non-hazardous wastes. EWS Alabama, Inc. was later renamed Clean Earth of Alabama, Inc. CENJ received the final authorization to operate the new Tank Farm, which consists of two 7500-gallon tanks. The new permit provides 15,000 gallons of additional capacity for the permitted activity of fuel blending.
The Compass Group, the manager of Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI), located in Westport, CT purchased Clean Earth from LittleJohn & Co., a private equity firm located in Greenwich, CT. Clean Earth acquired American Environmental Services, Inc. (AES). AES has two hazardous waste facilities located in Calvert City, KY and Morgantown, WV. AES provides state-of-the-art recycling services for aerosol cans at their location in Morgantown, WV, and owns a fleet to provide hazardous waste and freight transportation across the United States. Renamed Clean Earth of Calvert City, and Clean Earth of Morgantown, respectively.
Clean Earth purchased Dower LLC, renamed Clean Earth of Greater Washington (CEGW).
Clean Earth acquired Soil Remediation, Inc., renamed Clean Earth of Georgia (CEG).
Clean Earth acquired Kleen Soils located in Moore Haven, FL renamed Clean Earth of Southern Florida (CESF).
Clean Earth Dredging Technologies (CEDT) opened the Koppers Dredged Material Processing facility in Kearny, NJ
Clean Earth acquired Soil Technologies, Inc., in Morrisville, PA, which was renamed Clean Earth of Southeast Pennsylvania (CESP).
Clean Earth established Clean Earth of West Virginia to serve the Midwest market for the bio-treatment of soils and thermal treatment of contaminated MGP materials. Clean Earth constructed a rail transload facility at Clean Earth of North Jersey to increase contaminated material handling capacity and to reduce transportation costs. LittleJohn & Co. (a private equity firm) purchased Clean Earth from EOS Partners and Bank of America Capital Investors.
Clean Earth initiated the sale and exit of site remediation services (CEES) and environmental construction (CERCS) businesses.
Clean Earth was awarded a key permit modification which allowed for the operation of an outside blending process at CEP.
U.S. Plastic Lumber announced the sale of Clean Earth, to EOS Partners (a private equity firm), and Bank of America Capital Investors, which brought Clean Earth back to a privately owned company.
Clean Earth acquired Clean Rock Industries, which was originally founded in 1992 and later renamed Clean Earth of Maryland (CEM). Soil Remediation of Philadelphia (SRP) was acquired and later renamed Clean Earth of Philadelphia (CEP). Clean Earth expanded its remediation services and added construction services, by acquiring Barbella Environmental Technology, which was subsequently renamed Clean Earth Remediation & Construction Services (CERCS). CERCS offered remediation, construction and maintenance services to landfills, brownfields and other sites. Clean Earth Dredging Technologies (CEDT) was awarded the Claremont Channel Deepening Project and opened the Claremont Facility.
Clean Earth acquired S&W Waste, a full service hazardous waste and industrial facility, which was originally founded in 1972 and later renamed Clean Earth of North Jersey (CENJ). Clean Earth acquired Consolidated Technologies, which primarily serviced dredge processing and beneficial reuse. Consolidated Technologies was later renamed Clean Earth Dredging Technologies (CEDT).
Clean Earth acquired Integrated Technical Services (ITS), which offered remediation services and later renamed Clean Earth Environmental Services, Inc. (CEES). The same year Carteret Biocycle later renamed Clean Earth of Carteret (CEC) was founded.
Clean Earth of New Castle merged with US Plastics Lumber Corp (USPL) a public company and manufacturer of alternative building materials from recycled plastics, wood and carpet fibers.
Clean Earth of New Castle, LLC (CENC) offered thermal desorption services and physical treatment services for contaminated soils.
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