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As one of the nation's longest-running processors of dredged materials, we are dedicated to providing beneficial reuse solutions for material that threatens our nation's waterways. When you dredge, you need a partner who can take care of disposal with an efficient approach that benefits your business and the world around us. 

Through our broad range of services, we process thousands of cubic yards of dredged materials everyday, making every effort to preserve our environment for generations to come. 

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When we process dredged material, we begin by decanting excess water off of the dredged sediments. The sediment is a location-specific mixture of sand, silt, clay, and organic matter. 

Our processing services include dewatering, stabilization, screening, and debris removal for both clean and contaminated non-hazardous dredged material. Ultimately, we blend the dredged material with our proprietary reagent admixture for stabilization and solidification to create an engineered structural fill. 


Dredged Material

What we handle

  • Marine Debris

    Marine Sediment

    Pier Demolition Debris

    Fresh Water Sediment

  • Non-Hazardous Dredged Material

    Clean & Contaminated Dredged Material


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