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Clean Earth’s on-site soil remediation capabilities include thermal desorption and stabilization treatment performed at the project site, avoiding the high costs associated with traditional transportation and disposal methods. 

The versatility of our on-site services provides an all-in-one solution for customers looking to minimize impact and maximize value. 

How Clean Earth helps

Benefits of On-Site Soil Remediation

Treatment strategies are developed and customized, through collaboration with our clients, to achieve the overall objective of the site-specific remediation goals.

  • Beneficial Reuse On-Site

    Treatment at the Source

    Reduced Environmental Footprint

    Site Control and Liability Reduction

    Limited Off-Site Material Movement

  • Reduction in Monitoring Requirements

    Limited Modifications for Traffic Control

    Reduction in Transportation Costs and Vehicle Movements

    Expanded Range of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Contaminants


On-Site project experience 

New York; Site Contaminant: PCB

Massachusetts; Site Contaminant: Explosive Residuals

Ohio; Site Contaminants: PERC, PCA

New York; Site Contaminants: PCE, TCE

Utah; Site Contaminant: Explosive Residuals

NW Florida; Site Contaminant: Confidential


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