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Hazardous waste & natural disaster emergency response

Every hazardous waste emergency response must be managed with a commitment to safety and full compliance with all applicable regulations. Clean Earth leverages a nationwide network to provide one-call simplicity for all hazardous waste emergency response and disaster recovery needs.

Emergency spill response is a vital responsibility for fuel spills, chemical spills, DOT hazardous materials spills (such as mercury and explosives) and EPA hazardous waste spills. Fast, professional response is also critical to high-pressure tasks such as identification of unknown substances, spill containment, proper waste handling and clean-up. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, waste and environmental concerns are only a part of a larger, complicated picture. Every hazardous waste clean up emergency response situation must be managed with a commitment to safety and full compliance with all applicable regulations, from the initial response to clean-up and ultimate closeout of all paperwork and reporting.

24/7 Response

A Clean Earth emergency response team can be on-site within two hours of the initial call to our 24/7 emergency call center. All emergency response personnel and subcontractors are required to have at least a 40-hour OSHA certification and are regularly audited, qualified, and evaluated.

Committed to Compliance, Safety, and Efficiency

Treatment at the Source

Beneficial Reuse On-Site

Site Control and Liability Reduction

Reduction in Monitoring Requirements

Reduction in Transportation Costs and Vehicle Movements

Expanded Range of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Contaminants


Trusted in all sectors

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