An integrated approach to solutions for Universal Waste Generators

Universal waste refers to the hazardous waste created when a variety of commonly used products are discarded including batteries, lightbulbs, and items that contain mercury such as fluorescent lights. Before they are thrown out, we rely on these products for our productivity, comfort, security, and convenience. When these products are no longer useful, it's imperative that they be handled in a responsible way that is legally compliant and reduces their potential environmental impact. Clean Earth serves as a critical part in the lifecycle of these products.

Not only do we ensure the safe destruction and disposal of dangerous chemicals that could otherwise end up in a landfill, but we also reduce the total amount of waste by processing the resulting components such as plastics and metals for recycling. 

Universal Waste

What We Handle

Team member unloading recyclekits boxes of lamps
  • Lamps 


    Ultraviolet Lights

    Metal-Halide Lights

    Mercury Vapor Lights

    High-Pressure Sodium Lights

    U-Shaped & Coated Fluorescents

    Compact Fluorescent & HID Lamps

    Traditional Straight Fluorescent Bulbs

  • Mercury Devices and Compounds



    Gold Solutions

    Silver Solutions

    Debris & Devices

    Mercury Solutions

    Phosphor Powder

    Most AII Mercury Apparatus

  • Batteries 




    Lead Acid

    Nickel Iron

    Carbon Zinc

    Silver Oxide


    Nickel Cadmium

    Lithium Ion - Poly

    Lithium Metal-Alloy

    Nickel Metal Hydride

  • Ballasts 

    Non-PCB Ballasts

    DEHP Lighting Ballasts

    PCB Containing Ballasts

Assorted batteries from above
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