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Safe and compliant disposal of pharmaceutical waste

Pharmaceutical waste disposal and management affects more than just the bottom line—it also has real implications for the environment, consumers and employees. With increasing oversight from regulatory agencies, every facility that disposes of pharmaceuticals, from controlled substances to OTC medication, must meet strict handling and disposal mandates. Beyond harsh financial penalties, failure to meet these requirements can result in violations that have a lasting impact on brand perception. Clean Earth's expertise assists customers – from a single retail pharmacy to a large medical complex— with the safe and compliant disposal of pharmaceutical waste.

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DEA waste management 

Controlled substances are closely regulated by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which monitors manufacturers, distributors and providers to prevent the diversion of potentially dangerous or illegal substances. The DEA also has the authority to deliver harsh penalties to any noncompliant facility. Compliance with evolving pharmaceutical waste disposal regulations requires constant diligence throughout the entire process and meticulous documentation for accurate reporting. Clean Earth's comprehensive controlled substance management program provides robust DEA waste management solutions to help avoid and minimize these costly violations.To avoid fines and violations, waste from any location must be properly documented, segregated and destroyed, with every step from identification through disposal accurately recorded and reported to all relevant regulatory bodies. Full compliance demands that this process is regularly monitored and audited to avoid any costly oversights.

As a DEA registrant, our pharmaceutical waste disposal services are authorized to manage the destruction and disposal of controlled substances (C-II through C-V). To accomplish this, we utilize a network of Clean Earth-owned, DEA-permitted Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs). A proprietary web-based reporting tool and technicians’ electronic scales, mobile printers and laptops ensure that every step of the process is thoroughly documented and recorded in accordance with regulatory requirements. This DEA waste management approach includes regular consultations, employee compliance monitoring, delivery of appropriate waste management supplies and separation and segregation of waste for transportation. This expertly managed process helps customers avoid or minimize any regulatory penalties while protecting their brands and consumers at the same time.

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