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Safe, reliable waste solutions for the Energy Industry

Clean Earth’s highly experienced team is here to help energy and utility companies properly treat and recycle byproducts of their operations from large expansions to daily operations, we provide a large network of facilities and experienced teams to handle any size project.  From contaminated soil to exploration drill cuttings, we can customize a disposal and recycling plan for you.

As the first company to successfully complete a PADEP Research and Development Project focused on the recycling and beneficial reuse of drill and pipeline cuttings, Clean Earth stands apart providing innovative, compliant, and environmentally friendly solutions for drill and pipeline cuttings derived from oil and gas exploration.

Through a unique and permitted stabilization and solidification treatment process, Clean Earth has the capability to recycle and beneficially reuse drill and pipeline cuttings that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills.


Customers served: 

  • Utility Companies

    Gas Companies

    Engineering Firms

  • Consultants

    Transportation Companies

    Drill & Pipeline Companies


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