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There is no better way to meet your recycling obligations than the online convenience of prepaid Clean Earth RecycleKits.

Clean Earth RecycleKits are ideal for waste generators with limited storage space or a low volume waste stream. One price covers everything you need including all packaging, recycling fees, return labels, and costs. We offer kits for all types of lamps, batteries, non-pcb ballasts, mercury containing devices, and electronic equipment.

Recycling is easy. 

1. Identify your materials to recycle.

2. Place your order for the proper container(s) either online or over the phone.

3. Once you receive your order, place materials to be recycled into the container(s) and seal.

4. Ship the filled container(s) back to Clean Earth via FedEx.

What materials can you recycle?

  • Fluorescent Lamps



    Circular & Straight

    Shatter-Shields / Coated

  • Batteries


    Zinc Air


    Nickel Types

  • Electronics 

  • Non-PCB Ballast

  • Mercury Devices

  • Smoke Detectors 

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

  • Exit signs

  • Lamps

    Arc, Neon, Quartz

    Halogen, Ultra-Violet

    Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor

    Low-Pressure Sodium

    High-Pressure Sodium

man unloading van of boxes for recycling

Although not commonly recognized by the consumer, electronics may contain toxic metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury, along with other materials making the importance of proper disposal and recycling imperative to protect our environment. 

In addition, proper disposal and recycling of universal waste provides the opportunity for qualified companies to reuse or refurbish an item, which ultimately preserves our natural resources as well. 

Choosing the correct container


5-Gallon (60 lbs.), Heavy-Duty DOT-Approved Pails


4 Foot, 8 Foot, and Compact Lamps

Reinforced Boxes with a 4-Millimeter Liner


1-Gallon (12 lbs.) Heavy Duty DOT-Approved Pails

5-Gallon (60 lbs.) Heavy Duty DOT-Approved Pails


1-Gallon and 5-Gallon Heavy-Duty DOT-Approved

Pails for Mercury Containing Devices


24” x 24” Reinforced Box (holds up to 60 lbs.)

1-Gallon Pail holds approximately 50 Cell Phones

How to order RecycleKits

Ordering RecycleKits is fast and simple. Call or email us ( or place your order online using the form below.

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