How Clean Earth helps

Transforming your aerosol waste into recycling opportunities.

Clean Earth recycles nearly all the components of an aerosol can or other consumer commodity.  Our commitment to recycling these wastes are unmatched inside the waste disposal industry.

We see disposal as a potential waste stream. When we partner with you to properly dispose of aerosols, paints, and consumer commodities we consider it a unique opportunity to step up to environmental challenges and responsibilities together.


It Starts with all of Us

Benefits of Recycling

Our innovative recycling methods are stepping up to the environmental challenges of not just disposing of, but now recycling aerosols cans.

Zero Landfilling

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Cost-Effective, Customized Solutions

No Long-Term Degradation Exposure to the Environment

Large Project Contents can be Returned to the Manufacturer

What We Recycle

Aerosol Can Recycling

aerosol spray paint can diagram

Every Component is Unique

Paints & Consumer Commodities

paint can and spray bottle diagram

From Your Location to Our Facility

What we handle

We recognize the potential inside managing consumer commodity waste streams.  More than just an environmental task, processing discarded materials creates a potential resource. When we feed that resource back into the production process, we can offset the cost of production itself while simultaneously achieving our sustainability goals.


Off-Spec Paints

Product Recalls

Expired Products

Damaged Products

Non-Compliant Products


Trusted in all sectors

Take the next step
Clean Earth is the right choice, now more than ever. 

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