Contaminated Soil

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Soil contamination occurs when harmful chemicals accumulate on a piece of land. Typically due to previous industrial or agricultural activities, it reaches a point where the soil becomes or has the potential to become dangerous to people or other organisms in the surrounding natural environment. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that tens of thousands of contaminated sites remain in the United States that have the potential to cause environmental harm. Clean Earth plays an integral part in the process of remediating and reclaiming these lands for future productive uses.

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    Clean Earth has a number of state of the art treatment technologies for processing contaminated soil using thermal desorption, bioremediation, chemical fixation, and various physical segregation treatments. This allows us to accept and process a wide range of contaminated soils.

  • what we handle

    UST/AST Soil

    Hazardous Soil

    Metal Impacted Soil

    RCRA Categorized Soil

    PCB - TSCA & Non-TSCA Contaminated Soil

    Petroleum Impacted Soil

    Various Non-Hazardous Soil

    MGP - Coal Tar Contaminated Soil

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