Fort Edward, New York

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Soil Treatment & Recycling Facility
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304 Towpath Lane
Fort Edward, NY 12828
United States

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7:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday
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Soil Treatment & Recycling Solutions
Fort Edward, New York Soil Treatment Facility

Clean Earth's soil treatment and recycling facility located in Fort Edward, New York utilizes thermal desorption technology for the remediation, recycling, and beneficial reuse of contaminated and uncontaminated materials including soil, stone, dredge, mine tailings, paper mill sludge, and much more. 

Treatment Platform

Thermal Desorption




Loading, Soil Sampling, Manifesting, Transportation, Project Management, Soil Treatment & Recycling
Various types of backfill can be delivered to project sites.


Up to 425,000 tons per year

Acceptable Materials

Soils/Media Contaminated with the following: Gasoline, #2, #4, #6 Fuel Oils, Diesel Fuel, Waste Oils, Jet Fuel, Bunker C Oils, Kerosene, Hydraulic Oils, Lubricating Oils, Metal Working Oils, Petroleum Solvents, MGP/Coal Tar, <45 ppm PCB's, Urban Fill, Animal Oils, Vegetable Oils, Industrial Oils, Petrolatum, Papermill Sludge, and Coal

Processed Materials

Clean Fill Material, Landfill Cover, Road Base, Commercial and Industrial Structural Fill

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