Coal Combustion Products

Beneficial Reuse Solutions for CCP

Clean Earth's proposed technology for beneficial reuse of ash is based upon a combination of physical and chemical stabilization that binds and isolates contaminants within the treated mass.  These processes use common treatment reagents including cements, pozzolans, and cementitious mixtures, such as lime and ash mixtures to form hardened materials that impede the transport of many contaminants.

Clean Earth has successfully applied this technology and demonstrated the recycling and beneficial reuse of coal combustion residues and ashes and municipal waste incinerator ash residue combined with numerous sources of alkali by-products used to form cementitous grout materials that can be recycled for numerous upland applications. Final beneficial reuses have included landfill closure and capping material, alternative grading and/or daily cover material, remediation and redevelopment of contaminated industrial sites (brownfield sites) and the reclamation of abandoned strip mines.

    • Leveraging over 30 years of experience

      Clean Earth's experience in environmental remediation combined with our unique capacity for processing contaminated dredged material, we are equipped to process and beneficially reuse all types of CCPs including fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, and flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) materials.

    • What We Handle

      Pond & Impoundments

      Holding Lagoons

      Fresh Water Reservoirs

      Sludge Drying Systems

      Aeration Basins

      Oxidation Ponds

      Power Plant Waste Support Services

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