Brandywine, Maryland

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Soil Treatment & Recycling Facility
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16301 Gardner Road
Waldorf, MD 20601
United States

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7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
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*Extended hours available upon request

Soil Treatment & Recycling Solutions
Brandywine, Maryland Soil Treatment Facility

Clean Earth's soil treatment and recycling facility in Brandywine, Maryland, recycles non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soils, RCRA non-hazardous soil, along with aggregate based construction and demolition debris. Rubble and stone are crushed and screened to produce aggregate for sale or for use on-site. The majority of this aggregate is mixed with screened soil that has been treated with either calcium hydroxide, Portland cement, or kiln dust or any combination thereof, to produce a stabilized material suitable for pavement sub base and sized compactable structural fill material for construction applications.

Treatment Platform

Chemical Fixation, Aggregate Production


Oil Operations Permit 12SR3392


10,000 tons per day


Loading, Soil Sampling, Transportation, Aggregate Supplier, Project Management, Soil Treatment and Recycling

Acceptable Materials

Top Soil, Sludges/Solids, Clay and Pea Gravel, Diatomaceous Earth, Oil Contaminated Soil, Potable Water Treatment, Virgin Petroleum Contamination, Storm Water Management Pond Sediment, Earth Media (TPH limit of 25,000 mg/kg)

Processed Materials

Fill Material, Structural Fill, Recycled Aggregate

Driving Here

Convenient access from I-301, I-210, and I-495

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