Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Facility Type
Soil Treatment & Recycling Facility
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7 Steel Road East
Morrisville, PA 19067
United States

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Receiving Hours
6:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday
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*Extended weekday and Saturday hours by arrangement

Morrisville, Pennsylvania Soil Treatment Facility 

Clean Earth's soil treatment and recycling facility located in Morrisville, Pennsylvania is a thermal treatment and recycling soil facility that treats a wide variety of volatile and semi-volatile contaminants including MGP wastes and coal tar contaminated soils and aggregates. We also manage Pennsylvania Clean and Regulated Fill through a physical treatment process so the material can be beneficially reused as construction fill and landfill cover and capping.


Loading, Soil Sampling, Manifesting, Transportation, Project Management, Soil Treatment & Recycling

Treatment Platform

Thermal Desorption & Physical Treatment

Processed Materials

Fill Material
Landfill Cover
Light End Hydrocarbons
Heavy End Hydrocarbons

Acceptable Materials

MGP Waste
Non-Hazardous Soil


Solid Waste Permit #301254


2,400 tons per day

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