Drill & Pipeline Cuttings

Processing Drill Cuttings for Beneficial Reuse.

At Clean Earth, first the drill cuttings are scanned for radioactivity prior to the stabilization process. Next, during the stabilization process, reagents are added to the drill or pipeline cuttings to enhance the geotechnical qualities of the material.  The cuttings then go through a pugmill utilized to mix/process the material to then generate the reengineered material to meet site specific geotechnical specifications.

  • Incoming drill and pipeline cuttings are pre-approved and analyzed for the following:

    Volatile Organic Compounds

    Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

    Total Metals

    Total PAHs

    Selected Inorganic Parameters (including % moisture)


  • Treated batches of stabilized drill cuttings are analyzed for:

    Geotechnical parameters (based on end use) including but not limited to proctor density, sieve size, and percent moisture

    Total Metals


    Inorganic Parameters

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