California Nearly Triples Penalties for Waste Violations


SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

A California state law recently increased the maximum daily penalty for improper hazardous waste disposal from $25,000 to $70,000.

The State of California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) adopted an Emergency Rule to substantially raise the initial penalties for environmental citations in each of the major, moderate and minimal violation categories of improper hazardous waste disposal.

The civil penalty, which went into effect July 5, 2018, can be levied for each separate violation or for continuing violations each day that the violation continues. Before initiating a fine, the enforcement agency must determine the initial penalty for each violation by considering potential harm and the extent of deviation – major, moderate or minimal – from hazardous waste management requirements.

Penalties per violation by deviation from required hazardous management standards are as follows:

  • Major potential harm: Increased to $70,000 per violation (was $25,000)
  • Moderate potential harm: Increased to $56,000 per violation (was $20,000)
  • Minor potential harm: Increased to $42,000 per violation (was $15,000)

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