Clean Earth, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of ESMI Companies


JUNE 6, 2018

Clean Earth, Inc. announced today the acquisition of privately owned ESMI Companies located in Fort Edward, New York, and Loudon, New Hampshire.  This expansion in the northeast will provide Clean Earth the opportunity to geographically expand soil recycling and hazardous waste solutions to customers throughout the New York and New England markets.

ESMI Companies with more than 25 years of experience, is an industry leader in the use of thermal desorption technology for the remediation, recycling, and beneficial reuse of contaminated and uncontaminated materials including soil, stone, dredge, mine tailings, paper mill sludge, and much more. ESMI provides onsite treatment solutions with a state-of-the-art mobile soil treatment unit which can be located anywhere in the United States.  In addition, ESMI provides beneficial reuse of fill material, material drying agents and other various soil amendments. ESMI also provides transportation and roll-off services.  Through recycling soil and other various waste streams, ESMI has been instrumental in the diversion of over 6.5 million tons of material from being landfilled.

Chris Dods, Clean Earth President & CEO states, “We are excited about this expansion. Over the past 5 yearswe have recycled 19.5 million tons of soil alone, and our mission remains the same – to recycle andreuse waste material that would otherwise go into landfills. The addition of ESMI Companies to the Clean Earth family supports ourplan for smart growth and a sustainable future.”

Clean Earth’s vision is to create a better future for our people, partners, and planet by turning specialty waste into recycling opportunities. Everyday Clean Earth takes a hands-on, dedicated approach to recycling and beneficially reusing waste that would otherwise go into landfills.   With twenty-six (26) facilities throughout the United States, in 2017 alone, Clean Earth recycled 3.57 million tons of soil and dredged material, 7 million pounds of aerosol products, 2.1 million pounds of metal from aerosols, 5.7 million pounds of electronics, 2.1 million pounds of batteries, and 5.8 million pounds of lamps.

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Clean Earth is one of the largest specialty waste companies in the United States providing remediation, disposal, recycling, and beneficial reuse solutions for contaminated soil, dredged material, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste.  Headquartered in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, it operates a network of 26 full-service facilities.  As a leader in the industry, Clean Earth has the experience and capabilities to provide efficient, effective waste recycling and disposal solutions.  Our vast portfolio of technologies and services touches nearly every industry that generates waste including energy, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, retail, and healthcare markets.

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