Clean Earth’s Charlotte, NC Facility Receives Environmental Excellence Award

man using a hose to remove wastewater from transport vehicle

Clean Earth’s Charlotte, NC facility received the Silver Charlotte Water Environmental Excellence Award for continued compliance with their Wastewater Permit Conditions. Charlotte Water is the largest public water and wastewater utility in the Carolinas, serving more than a million customers in the City of Charlotte and greater Mecklenburg County.

Each year Charlotte Water recognizes facilities that not only meet regulatory requirements but go above and beyond to create innovative approaches to ensure the quality of water throughout the city. To qualify for this award, companies need to be 100% compliant for reporting and monitoring, 90% compliant for permit limits for one calendar year, have no slug loading during the calendar year, have no Significant Non-Compliance (SNC) for two calendar years, and be discharged to the sewer at some time during the year.

Past winners of these esteemed awards include Frito-Lay, Cintas and Ingersoll Rand.

Clean Earth’s Charlotte, NC facility is a RCRA Part B Licensed Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) providing a variety of services for managing, treating and disposing of hazardous waste streams. The facility has a full-service, on-site hazardous wastewater treatment plant specializing in the treatment and processing of wastewater contaminated with hazardous substances. The facility is permitted to:

  • Process all three sub-categories listed in the Centralized Waste Treatment categorical standards of the Clean Water Act
  • Process waste streams containing metals, organics and oils
  • Implement aqueous treatment including wastewater neutralization, precipitation, pH adjustment and de-watering

The Clean Earth Charlotte, NC team will accept this award at the Environmental Excellence Award Ceremony on June 22nd. This award affirms Clean Earth’s commitment to environmental stewardship and acknowledges the Company’s pursuit in nurturing a culture of sustainability.

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