Driver Spotlight: Chris Gilliam's Story


Christopher Gilliam, Environmental Driver Specialist III CDLB goes above and beyond to satisfy Clean Earth customers and ensure the safety of his fellow drivers. We are proud to feature him as part of our Driver Appreciation Initiative this month.

How long have you been a driver for Clean Earth? Can you tell us more about your position?

I started at Clean Earth in October 2016, so I’m approaching six years with the Company. I started as a legacy driver and after about 3.5 years I was cross trained to become a hybrid driver also servicing StrongPAK or retail locations. I’ve become familiar with both roles and the different package handling required; I get to work with various waste profiles of all different volumes. Sometimes my job requires me to fill in where there are gaps – I gladly do this as we’re all one company and one team.

What do you like most about your job at Clean Earth?

Honestly, I love the job overall. I’ve always loved customer service and working directly with people. I get to work with a lot of our retail customers across the state. And more recently I began traveling out of state which has allowed me to see new areas and meet new people. Servicing out of state offers more of a travel experience. No matter what, I always go the extra mile to provide the best service. The joy and happiness from the customer – seeing their gratitude – is rewarding and never feels repetitive.

Safety is an important part of the job. How do you incorporate safety every day? 

I make sure I’m aware of my surroundings and I look out for other drivers. If we are at the yard getting supplies, we all help each other out to avoid injuries. No one should be lifting something too heavy. The same thing goes at a customer site, we make sure surroundings are okay. I would say I’m overly protective about myself and others when ensuring safety.

You are recognized as a great team member ensuring customers are satisfied, helping where we may have gaps and keeping safety first. How do you encourage other drivers and team members to do their best work and remain safe? 

I’m not afraid to remind others to be careful. It makes me feel good when I remind people of safety, because I know I’ve gone the extra step to help keep them safe. On a hot day, I remind people to stay hydrated. For example, during my time servicing in Georgia, I know how hot it can get. When I see that a driver has a trip to Georgia, I always remind them to prepare with water. I also think constant communication is key. If I know there’s a driver on a similar route to me, I’ll let them know of any accidents or traffic.

In offering best in class service and always going the extra mile, Clean Earth drivers stand apart. We applaud their tireless commitment to safety and are grateful for their dedication to customer service.

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