Inspecting the Inspection: RILA 2015


SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

Environmental Compliance Impact Session​

Regulatory inspections can be a source of unwelcome drama in the daily operations of any retail business that generates hazardous waste. This session breaks down the inspection experience into three acts, with a Shakespearean flair. To be prepared, or not to be prepared - that is the question.

Time & Location

Friday, September 18, 2015
9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.
Session Room 201-202


Featured Speakers

Amy Ebersole-Martinez

I have been working in the Environmental, Safety and Health field for over 15 years. I started out working at SeaWorld in their lab and managed the safety for them. I then moved on to handle ESH for the entire park. Since that job I have worked in Aerospace for Lockheed Martin and Logistics for Optech. All three jobs taught me a great deal, but none prepared me for my current job at Petco. Petco is my first in the Retail industry. It has been a learning experience from the very first day. To handle ESH, particularly the Hazardous Waste program for a company of this size, across 50 states has been an adventure. Working to constantly stay ahead of the game and ensure my stores are all on the same page when dealing with waste has taught me the power of building relationships and also the ability to communicate at all levels. I am very passionate about my job and hope that my passion is shown in my day to day work. Just as the ESH industry continues to evolve so does the face of retail.

On a personal note, I am married with 3 teenage girls and 4 very active dogs. Working at Petco has given me a new appreciation for the pet industry and all that it entails. It has also allowed me the privilege of bringing my dog to work every day. On stressful days this is such a great job perk.


Chris Haley

Chris is the director of legal technology at Troutman Sanders eMerge. eMerge is a wholly owned subsidiary of the law firm Troutman Sanders LLP. eMerge was created to provide clients with a multidisciplinary team of attorneys and technologists that combine strategic legal thinking and advanced technology to assist clients in a variety of legal and regulatory matters. Chris consults with outside counsel and clients on information governance, litigation readiness, insourcing verses outsourcing technology solutions, and effective ways to leverage advanced technology. He oversees eMerge’s technology team, technology infrastructure, and the technology services provided by eMerge including data identification, preservation, collection, filtering, processing, data hosting, managed review, production, presentation services, and custom application development. Chris has more than 18 years of experience in the legal technology industry serving in a variety of roles within law firms and technology service providers.


Andrew Marks

Andrew Marks handles environmental, safety, health and transportation regulatory concerns, among other things, for Walgreens. Andrew has been with Walgreens for four years, and was previously in private practice in the Chicago area and U.S.EPA in Washington, D.C.


Wade Scheel

Wade Scheel is a Director of Government Affairs with Clean Earth, and has been assisting retail customers with compliance challenges for over four years. His role as a dedicated resource for customer-facing issues gives him direct connection to the regulatory inspection activity experienced by retailers. He started his career in county government over 24 years ago, worked in a variety of positions within the hazardous waste management field, and has been with Clean for 7 years.

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