Kansas and Maryland Progress in the Adoption of Aerosols as Universal Waste Rule

Aerosol Cans

As aerosol cans continue to occupy space within our ecosystem, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined their presence as an official component of the universal waste program. Due to their hazardous waste properties, this guideline is expected to implement significant progress when handling the recovery and recycling of aerosol cans.

With the intention of sustaining a thriving environment, Clean Earth actively brings its audience up to speed by providing reliable updates as individual states initiate rulemaking efforts such as proposed rule publications, public hearings, comment periods, meeting notices, and final rule effective dates.

Anticipated Rulemaking in 2024

Kansas: The rule is currently being drafted in reference to BWM Policy 2017-P2. The proposed publish date along with public hearing dates, comment periods and meeting notices will occur in 2024. The final rule will go into effect in 2025.

Maryland: The rule is currently being drafted and the proposed publish date, public hearing dates, comment periods and meeting notices will occur in early 2024. When finalized, the rule is set to become effective in 2024.

Aerosol Waste Tracking - January 2023

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