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AUGUST 20, 2018

As previously shared, the EPA’s new hazardous waste e-Manifest system went live on June 30, 2018. The registration process is now functional for industry users and generators – those who produce hazardous waste – to create accounts to access the e-Manifest system and data. All manifests signed by generators on June 30 and after are required to be submitted to the e-Manifest system.

The EPA is still working through a few kinks in the system, and some of its functionality has yet to be released to the production environment.

The purpose of the new e-Manifest system is to improve access to higher quality and more timely hazardous waste shipment data and save industry and states valuable time and resources to the tune of $90 million annually. The generator regulations ensure that hazardous waste is appropriately identified and handled safely to protect human health and the environment, while minimizing interference with daily business operations.

With much anticipation from the industry, the EPA released the final fee schedule for the e-Manifest system, which is as follows:

  • $15 per manifest: paper copy mailed from the treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSDF) to the EPA; EPA enters all data points into e-Manifest system
  • $10 per manifest: PDF of final manifest uploaded by the TSDF to e-Manifest system; EPA enters all data points
  • $6.50 per manifest: PDF of final manifest plus an API file of all manifest data points uploaded to e-Manifest system
  • $5 per manifest: API file of all manifest data points plus CROMERR-compliant signature files uploaded to e-Manifest system

The fees will be invoiced to the TSDF on a monthly basis for each manifest they submit to the e-Manifest system, based on the format of the data submittal. The fee schedule will be in effect from June 30, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019.

Clean Earth is currently meeting e-Manifest requirements by submitting all manifests in an API data feed plus a PDF image, which is currently the $6.50 option. Our team continues to monitor the progress of e-Manifest data submittals, identifying and addressing issues related to invoicing, contract amendments, manifest image scans and order data entry.

To submit a question to Clean Earth about e-Manifest regulations, click here.

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