Prioritizing Compliance: How to Navigate Latest Regulatory Issues

Prioritizing Compliance

As a trusted leader in environmental and regulated waste management services, it is ingrained in Clean Earth’s mission to provide waste solutions and help customers comply with state and federal regulations. Clean Earth has identified a few developing regulatory topics that waste generators may need to be aware of.

Product Regulations

The increased regulation of products affects any industry that sells products - especially concerning plastic. The “going green” initiative is as relevant as ever, and states may be implementing plastic bag bans. In some cases, retailers have chosen to provide an option to purchase reusable bags at check-out for a small fee.

Green Regulations  

We’ll likely continue to see stricter regulations concerning waste disposal, emissions or product sourcing that prioritize sustainability. These regulations are based on the EPA’s focus areas, as its strategic plan outlines. Some of the focus areas are intertwined with the Environmental Justice Regulations.

Waste generators must stay informed to avoid state, county or city inspection violations.

Environmental Justice Regulations

Compliance is expected to play a role in every aspect of environmental law, from the regulatory process to permitting and enforcement.

Organized Retail Crime

Flash mob burglaries are a type of retail crime in which individuals will get together, enter a store location and take massive amounts of product, sometimes equating to as much as $3 million. In these cases, local police departments should be involved. For some locations where this has occurred, the corporation has been able to retrieve the product taken. A waste vendor may be critical to get the product out of where it’s stored as it cannot be resold and needs to be disposed of properly.

Clean Earth recognizes the significance of informing its customer base about these critical findings and their potential impact on businesses. We lead with unwavering dedication, demonstrating our capability to help you comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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