It is rather simple, we visit your home and safely and compliantly remove residential household waste that should not be placed in your typical trash or recycle bin.

Items accepted:

  • Motor Oil & Filters




    Pool and photo chemicals

    Art supplies

  • Fertilizers

    Fluorescent Tubes


    Electronic Waste

    Household Cleaning Chemicals


Waste Disposal Limit

The maximum disposal limits for a Residential Household Hazardous Waste Door to Door Collections Program is 125 lbs per pickup. If you have more than 125 lbs please contact us at 1-800-714-1195 for a brief screening process to obtain accurate inventory of waste and better assist you with proper disposal.

Items not accepted

These few types of waste are not permitted by federal and state governments to be handled through a door-to-door program.

    Explosives or explosive waste, except surface flares


    Biological, biohazard or medical waste

    Radioactive waste

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