West Melbourne, Florida

Facility Type
Universal Waste Recycling Facility

4317 J Fortune Place
West Melbourne, FL 32904
United States

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Receiving Hours
7:30 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday
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Residential Drop-Off Hours: 

Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

West Melbourne, Florida Universal Waste Recycling Facility

Clean Earth universal waste recycling facilities are nationally regulated and permitted. At Clean Earth we are committed to a green world by helping clients in proper end-of-life management of assets containing sensitive data and components hazardous to our environment. Clean Earth offers an integrated strategy that allows its clients to reduce the amount of waste produced, implements best practices for handling waste on-site, and provides a full range of treatment options to meet specific needs.

Our universal waste facilities use a state-of-the-art Balcan Lamp Recycling System and Thermal Retort process to fully recycle a multitude of different lamps, ballasts, mercury containing items, and batteries.

Each Clean Earth universal and electronic waste recycling facility is fully EPA permitted and comply with all state & federal EPA, OSHA, and DOT Regulations. Clean Earth recognizes that environmental management is one of our highest corporate priorities and conducts all aspects of its business accordingly as responsible stewards of the environment.



Facility Type

Universal Waste Recycling and Thermal Retort Facility; RCRA Part B Permitted Treatment, Storage, and Disposal (TSDF)

Treatment Platform

Balcan Lamp Recycling System:
State-of-the-art lamp crushing and recycling system

Thermal Retort:
Vaporizes mercury from powder, glassware, metalware, etc.




24 Tons Glass
15 Tons Powder
10 Drums Washwater
1470 Drum Equivalents
16 Tons Residual Waste


All-inclusive Mail-Back Recycling Program: RecycleKits for Lamps, Batteries, Non-PCB, Ballasts, Mercury Devices, and Electronics

Processed Materials

Recycled Glass, Phosphor Powder, Elemental Mercury, Metal

Acceptable Materials 

Lamps including but not limited to: traditional straight, U-shaped and coated fluorescents, as well as mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, metal-halide, ultraviolet, ARC, and compact fluorescent & HID lamps

Mercury Containing Lamps including: arc, deuterium, germicidal, high pressure sodium, Mercury vapor, metal halide, neon, ultraviolet, and Florescent to include circular, compact, crushed, coated, straight and u-tubes

Other lamp types: halogen, incandescent, low pressure sodium

PCB, non-PCB, and DEHP lighting ballasts

Mercury and mercury containing materials to include but not limited to:

Mercury salts and compounds, mercury solutions, carbon, phosphor powder, soils, silver solutions, gold solutions, most all mercury apparatus, debris, and devices

Batteries including but not limited to: alkaline, ATON, Carbon zinc, lead acid, lithium metal | Alloy, lithium Ion | Poly, magnesium, nickel cadmium, nickel iron, nickel metal hydride, mercury, silver oxide

Solar Panels including Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Panels

Services available


Clean Earth RecycleKits are ideal for waste generators with limited storage space or a low volume waste stream. We offer kits for all types of lamps, batteries, non-pcb ballasts, mercury containing devices, and electronic equipment.

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