Solar Panel Recycling

Handling the recycling of solar panel components, resulting in no end disposal ownership.

Clean Earth can circulate 100% of solar panel remnants back into the market, in partnership with an experienced glass processer, ensuring no single commodity from the recycling process is being sent to a landfill.

Clean Earth’s solar panel recycling program is equipped to handle large volumes of panel components and oversee proper end-of-life management through every stage including refurbishment, de-manufacturing, and regeneration. In having complete control over the recycling and reuse of solar panels, Clean Earth holds a critical role in the lifecycle ensuring that the hazardous solar panel components are properly handled.

  • What We Handle

    Monocrystalline Panels

    Polycrystalline Panels

  • Recyclable Components







    Silicon Solar Cells



Providing industry certified secure and responsible IT Asset Management and Disposal to optimize recycling results and safeguard your private data.

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